I have an extra Xillia 2 eguide from PrimaGames that I’m giving away to anyone who’s interested. It’s a pretty comprehensive guide with pictures and all kinds of good stuff.

This isn’t a typical giveaway, and will pretty much be first come first serve. All I need is your PrimaGames username and I’ll have Prima transfer the guide to you (I actually have two because I initially bought the eguide and then bought the hardcover version that had the eguide included for free). 

Please send me an ask/message if you’re interested. :)

favorite teen wolf scenes » 3x11

↳ "It needs to be someone who can pull you back, someone that has a strong connection to you, a kind of emotional tether."

W e ‘l l  f o o l  y o u .
                          W e ’ l l  f o o l e v e r y o n e .

Tales of Xillia 揺るぎなき信念 {Unwavering Convictions}

Xillia 2 eGuide Freebie



So I preordered the Tales of Xillia 2 hardcover strategy guide but because it was delayed in shipping, I went ahead and bought the eGuide. Well, I’ve finally received the hardcover guide in the mail today and now I have two eGuides (it came free with the hardcover book). 

Prima seems to be willing to transfer ownership for one of the eGuides, if anyone is interested. I won’t tag this post if any of my followers are interested so you have first dibs, but it’s pretty much first come first serve. All I need is your primagames.com username so first person to send me a message with that info will be the one to get it. :)

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