Far Cry 4 - Open World

*Coming to PS3 & PS4 11.18.14*

The Last of Us: Last words


there is this person I don’t like and I have legitimate reason for it but i don’t talk about this person and why I don’t like em because 1) I have better stuff to do 2) there are people who like them apparently 3) some of those people are my friends and our friendship is worth more 4) whatever

for over a week i’ve been having weird screwed up sinus issues. finally broke down and made an appointment with my pcp to see wtf is going on. the appointment is today (called and made it yesterday when i was feeling super crummy and at my wits’ end) and now the issues haven’t been as bad (and actually seem to be fading). fuck you body. you’re still being examined by the doctor that’s why i pay for insurance.